[sword-devel] Getting rid of BibleCS

Mark Trompell mark at foresightlinux.org
Thu Feb 26 10:01:30 MST 2009

Am Thu, 26 Feb 2009 15:43:25 +0000
schrieb Manfred Bergmann <bergmannmd at web.de>:
> I think even though many people have Macs nowadays, very few do  
> development on it. And then there is Objective-C and Interface
> Builder which are languages tools only available to Mac. That makes
> it more difficult for people coming to the Mac platform and wanting
> to contribute.

Okay, it only has a small userbase, but there is Gnustep, which is
pretty similiar. I think it's possible to writeprograms that build on
OSX and Gnustep. Not sure if there are christians out there
using it though.

> Manfred


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