[sword-devel] Xiphos 3.0.0 released

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Feb 13 08:36:21 MST 2009

I believe anything above 127 is re-routed to multi-byte for UTF-8.  Only 
lower ascii is preserved as single-byte

David Haslam wrote:
> These particular accented vowels are part of ANSI, so the reference to UTF8
> content was superfluous even through also true.
> é = ANSI 233
> ó = ANSI 243
> Does Windows even allow usernames to include UTF8 characters way beyond ANSI
> 255 ?
> If so, then is Xiphos 3.0.1 going to be fully compliant with UTF8 usernames
> for Windows, or just the rest of the ANSI set beyond lowercase z (ANSI 122)
> ?
> -- David
> Karl Kleinpaste-2 wrote:
>> Barry Drake <bdrake at crosswire.org> writes:
>>> I've done the bug report in the way you ask.  Thanks.  This one is
>>> eminiently repeatable.
>> We'll be taking a look, thanx.
>> To my personal horror, Rubén Gómez of Bible Software Review learned of
>> our release -- I had given him a heads-up about 10 days ago -- and found
>> it completely failing when he ran it.  It turns out that his Windows
>> username, rubén, causes grief because of the UTF8 content, the accented
>> 'e'.  Matthew nailed down the problem and consequently we will be
>> releasing a quickly patched 3.0.1 Real Soon Now.
>> Around last August, I had some long email correspondence with Rubén
>> about (then-)GnomeSword and related matters and we had some difficulty
>> with the installation process because in Linux he's a Ubuntu user.  I
>> had hoped ever so much for a perfect introduction, but alas he managed
>> to be literally our sole failure case.
>> We're hoping for better experiences as soon as 3.0.1 is done.
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