[sword-devel] Xiphos 3.0.0 released

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Feb 12 17:05:58 MST 2009

Barry Drake <bdrake at crosswire.org> writes:
> I've done the bug report in the way you ask.  Thanks.  This one is
> eminiently repeatable.

We'll be taking a look, thanx.

To my personal horror, Rubén Gómez of Bible Software Review learned of
our release -- I had given him a heads-up about 10 days ago -- and found
it completely failing when he ran it.  It turns out that his Windows
username, rubén, causes grief because of the UTF8 content, the accented
'e'.  Matthew nailed down the problem and consequently we will be
releasing a quickly patched 3.0.1 Real Soon Now.

Around last August, I had some long email correspondence with Rubén
about (then-)GnomeSword and related matters and we had some difficulty
with the installation process because in Linux he's a Ubuntu user.  I
had hoped ever so much for a perfect introduction, but alas he managed
to be literally our sole failure case.

We're hoping for better experiences as soon as 3.0.1 is done.

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