[sword-devel] Twitter

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 29 21:07:46 MST 2009

On 12/29/2009 7:48 PM, Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> Does anyone think this is just a stupid idea? With Twitter's character
>> limit, most of our updates will be cut off to some degree, but at least it
>> gets (some of) the information out there.
> Not sure if you're asking about Twitter in general or twitterfeed, but
> anyway. I used to think twitter was pretty pointless, but I'm starting
> to get what it's all about now. With Google now getting into the live
> search thing, it definitely raises awareness on the web in general to
> have tweets about a project.

Either one really. :) I'm not sure I get the point of Twitter yet myself.

But the use of Twitterfeed was what I'm really uncertain about. I'd 
rather have something semi-automated than have to watch for updates and 
twitter them manually. I just changed the Twitterfeed settings a bit, so 
that they only twitter the article titles, which should prevent cut off 
messages now.

For modules, I'll write a modified RSS feed better suited to Twitter's 
constraints. I'm not sure whether updates to beta modules should be 
twittered as well.

> I'd suggest a shorter hash tag; #sword seems fairly unused. Perhaps we
> can all use that for sword and frontend related tweets?

Sounds good. I added a #sword suffix to all of posts coming via Twitterfeed.


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