[sword-devel] Japanese Ruby Characters

jovanni sword at hamaint.co.jp
Sun Dec 27 19:24:42 MST 2009

Troy A. Griffitts wote:

> Having a look at this, is "Ruby" the best term for us to use for gloss
> support? i.e. Is "ruby" a linguistics term or an XHTML term?

Historically, "ruby" meant the 5.5 point size of font.

In 19th century of England, the names of gems are used to
specify the size of fonts.
emerald -- 6.5 pt
ruby -- 5.5 pt
perl -- 5 pt
diamond -- 4.5 pt
and so on.

In japanese , the size of normal font was ( typically ) about 10.5 pt,
and the size of font used for "ruby" was 5.25 pt which was nearly equal
to the 5.5 pt ruby fonts.

 From hence, the ruby annotation was called "ruby".

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