[sword-devel] Luther and German v11ns

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 22 17:09:19 MST 2009

I've committed two new v11n definitions, primarily for use with German 
Bibles. Both are based on recent editions of the Lutherbibel, but have 
an extra verse in a few chapters to accommodate some translations that 
use versification systems that are very similar to Luther's.

"German" is a 66-book v11n using the standard book order, as in the KJV.
"Luther" adds apocrypha at the end of the OT and employs Luther's book 
order, with Hebrews & James following Jude.

Based on the dozen or so editions I examined, I think these two v11n 
definitions should cover the needs of German Bibles fairly well.

Demo v11n modules (v11nGerman and v11nLuther) are in the experimental 
repo. Also in the experimental repo is a new version of GerNeUe from 
Manfred, using the German v11n.

A Win32 build of the latest utilities is at 


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