[sword-devel] Old folders in %AppData% (related to GnomeSword)

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Dec 20 11:56:05 MST 2009

David Haslam <d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk> writes:
> Before I first installed Xiphos, I had GnomeSword for Windows
> installed in my PC.

Hm.  The only released GnomeSword that ran under Windows was for Cygwin.
There was never a released WIN32 binary for it under that name; you must
have been messing around *very* early, as the name change was occurring
and the WIN32 port was progressing (which were coincident).

> .gnomesword
> Or are some of these still used by Xiphos?

We are disposing of GNOME dependencies in Xiphos, but in any event, up
through the latest released 3.1.1, GNOME dependencies (including gconfd)
are still current.  Matthew is trying to dismantle the last of those
necessities before we release 3.1.2 at the end of this coming week.

Nothing named Xiphos ever used .gnomesword, and certainly the only thing
creating that under %APPDATA% was in the earliest pre-pre-alpha versions
when the WIN32 port was barely underway, fully a year ago.  You'll have
to get rid of that one yourself.

I find myself wondering whether we can afford to remove other .gnome and
.gconfd directories, considering that there could be other applications
using GTK and GNOME ports, for which such directories remain current,
even after Xiphos stops using them.

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