[sword-devel] Conglomerate/companion modules

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Dec 19 03:41:03 MST 2009

I have started working (more thinking right now) on a beautiful Bible
text which CrossWire will be able to distribute hopefully in the very
near future. It is a for sale module by a major European publisher. we
got teh preliminary stuff out of the way, I got the text from them and
we just need to sign now and get going.

One of the things which struck me is that this is a text which would
require a couple of modules to be best represented

1) an ordinary, but quite complex bible module
2) a dictionary
3) material like tables etc which might possibly best fit into a
GenBook, not sure.
4) daily devotion (2 bible reading plans)

There is plenty of cross referencing between the various aspects.

Right now the only possibility for this appears to me to split it up
into several modules and advise users that there are several modules
which all sell together. But the user will have to do the leg work and
install the extra material by hand. This will lead likely to some users
not realising this and missing out on the many great stuff coming along

We already have discussed and considered companion modules, but AFAIK
not much has been done here? Specifically will any frontends download
(or suggest to download) automatically all companions? I know that
Xiphos will load up (some) companions.

But I do think a joint download would be of huge benefit. Particularly
if you pay for it.


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