[sword-devel] Headings, Titles and Intros

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Thu Dec 17 12:02:19 MST 2009

Hello there.

How headings are retrieved and set can be seen in the introtest.cpp.
From there I take it that headings are "turned on" with vk.Headings(1).
This makes the 0-verse valid.

I'm not setting the module position via VerseKey but with a reference string.
Is it necessary to use a VerseKey for positioning in order to retrieve the headings?

Which XML/OSIS tags are then used to create the headings in the module?
The wiki mentions the <title/> tag and that it has to be placed right before the verse/chapter.
Does this also work for testament and book?

What is the "Headings" global option doing?


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