[sword-devel] New dev signing in

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Wed Dec 16 05:27:25 MST 2009

On Wed, 16 Dec 2009, Christopher Svanefalk wrote:
> Hello all,
> my name is Christopher, I started calling on CHRIST in my late
> teens, and began programming some time later. Currently I am still
> in college (computer science, University of Gothenburg). I would
> like to use my skills to serve GOD and bring good things to my
> fellow human beings, and I believe helping out with this project
> could be one such way.
> My main proficiency is in the C-family (C/C++/C#). I have done
> *some* work in other languages (mainly Java, Python) as well.
> I am rather inexperienced and have never participated in a major
> project, at least not in any significant way. However, I believe I
> have many gifts from GOD, and should be able to catch up on any
> necessary skills and produce good results.
> I hope I can be of use.


The SWORD engine is quite low level and technical and needs special
knowledge in many areas (OSIS, binary format, versifications...).
Therefore many of us recommend first contributing to some frontend which
is easier especially for newbies. Please look at our application list
and spend time to find one which you would like to push forward. For
SWORD specific information see http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/Main_Page.
Each frontend project has its own web pages and developer teams. I'm a
BibleTime developer myself.

	Eeli Kaikkonen (Mr.), Oulu, Finland
	e-mail: eekaikko at mailx.studentx.oulux.fix (with no x)

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