[sword-devel] Two new modules available

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Tue Dec 15 14:15:25 MST 2009

On 12/15/2009 03:51 PM, Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> The commentary module includes more OSIS features than are currently
>> supported by SWORD software, in the hopes of being a catalyst to feature
>> addition.
>> The primary feature is to make external, non-scriptural references into
>> links.  It includes links to a number of SWORD modules (references were
>> checked against print editions):
> I have your osis file from 9/29. In that file, you have one reference
> to Life and Times, in the heading for Matthew 9. You have there,
> osisRef="EdersheimLifeTimes.1.514-EdersheimLifeTimes.1.519". Is this
> still what you have in the current module? The reason I ask, is that
> what you have almost works in Xiphos, and I don't see how the above
> osisRef possibly could. At any rate, what you have now gets
> transformed into sword://LifeTimes/Book\ III.xvii. If this were
> sword://LifeTimes/Book III/xvii, it would work in Xiphos. So, the
> problem is either in what you have in the osisRef or in the
> osishtmlhref filters.
> Matthew
Good question.  I have recoded every non-scriptural reference by hand
since the file in your possession.  I did so based mostly on feedback
from Chris Little for how complex references should be encoded.

the "\ " that you see is actually a backslash followed by a non-breaking
space (you need a character map to grab that little dandy of a
character).  This allows it to be considered one reference item, not two.

Would you like me to email the new file?


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