[sword-devel] Mingw and SWORD's internal regex (was: Re: 1.6.1 outstanding items?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 8 00:24:16 MST 2009

Okay, not sure what I was thinking or seeing, when I thought the new 
regex had worked with VC++, because it quite definitely doesn't. I've 
reverted to the old regex code.

I still think we need to update to a more recent version of GNU regex, 
but don't personally have time to fix it right now. Even better would be 
for us all to use ICU's Regex class, since this is another case where 
ICU will likely do a much better job of adhering to Unicode than any of 
the platform/windowing toolkit libraries could.


Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> I updated GNU's regex code because it was quite old, as you pointed out.
> Maybe I did at one time, but I haven't really cared lately as I've
> been using another regex library. Others have mentioned it recently.
>> The additional files do not need to be added to any makefiles or project
>> files. I suppose you could, but it would be counter-productive given their
>> use. (Read regex.c if you don't understand this.)
> OK, I see this now. I was having lots of compile errors which I
> thought were due to the extra files not being included, but it turns
> out that defining __USE_GNU took care of those problems.
> There are still a couple of things that need changed for this to
> compile. The header alloca.h is not available with Mingw, so it needs
> to be skipped. A function from malloc.h was used without including the
> header file. And bool, and true/false were used, all of which are C++,
> rather than C. Anyway, here's a patch that will need to be applied for
> this to compile. It should be safe for Visual Studio as well. It still
> needs __USE_GNU defined, but I'll take care of that with my patch for
> configure.ac that I'm working on.
> Matthew

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