[sword-devel] Microsoft Visual C++ (Express Edition) DLL and/or LIB?

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Mon Dec 7 04:45:19 MST 2009

On Mon, 7 Dec 2009, Rendezvous wrote:

> Anyone have, or know where i can get, an already-compiled DLL or LIB of the sword library that is compatible or compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ (Express Edition)? Or perhaps even tell me how to compile it for Visual C++ Express Edition?
> Note: I tried following the instructions i saw on the BibleTime development wiki, but i get a few errors (so i guess i'm doing something wrong maybe).

We'd like to keep the BT wiki up to date, but maybe the recent changes
in SWORD have resulted to errrors. We have to test BibleTime with SWORD
1.6.1 soon anyways, and maybe Gary can look in the Windows build and
update the wiki. It also may just have some ambiguate instructions which
should also be fixed.

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