[sword-devel] configure.ac defaults (was: -O3 -g)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Dec 6 20:58:33 MST 2009

Thanks for all the suggestions about the defaults.  Here's what we've
done for this part of the this thread.

Defaults changed:

with-icu     yes
enable-tests yes

Expanded the new configure summary to also include:

COLORED_ECHO([    BUILD TESTS:      $enable_tests])
COLORED_ECHO([    BUILD EXAMPLES:   $enable_examples])
COLORED_ECHO([    BUILD UTILITIES:  $enable_utilities])

Thanks for all the suggestions Jonathan, DM, and Matthew.

Finally, we added a while back turning on -Wall -Werror, I think at the
request of the Bibletime team because they started using it and some of
our headers where causing them trouble.

This seems to be causing trouble because some distros seems to be
automatically adding additional warnings to -Wall while building.

The end result is that there is no way to build a debug version of our
stock engine source on these systems because we error out with -Werror.

Of course we could look at these extra warnings and make some code
changes, but unless we build with these additional warnings always
enabled on our end, chances are, g++ will continue to add new warning
checks and we have the potential to release code which unknowingly won't
compile a debug build because we are adding -Werror with --enable-debug

Thoughts on this?


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