[sword-devel] -O3 -g

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Sat Dec 5 04:53:12 MST 2009

On Dec 5, 2009, at 3:03 AM, Jonathan Marsden wrote:

>>>  I'm also not doing --libdir=/usr/lib64 which seems a very odd default.
>> Aren't most systems running 64 bit these days?
> I don't know, I suspect many Linux users still run 32bit.  Not all
> Linuxes that are 64bit use this lib64 directory convention.  And some
> (few) users run Linux (and so SWORD) on other architectures completely.

I don't run 64 bit for desktop simply because there are (were?) some 3rd party packages that haven't made it. Such as Adobe Flash player, Adobe Acrobat reader and Nero Linux.

I have a recent laptop, and it may be 64-bit, but I have never bothered to find out. My guess is that others, like me, simply use 32-bit out of habit.

-- DM

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