[sword-devel] ICUSWORD [was: 1.6.1 outstanding items?]

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 3 18:32:20 MST 2009

Thanks Matthew,

Does anyone understand _ICUSWORD_?

In the previous configure.ac there was code like this:

AC_HELP_STRING([--with-icu],[use ICU... (default=no)]),,with_icu=no)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ICU, test x$with_icu = xyes)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ICUSWORD, test x$with_icu = xsword)

I'm no autoconf expert either, but I didn't understand why both were
using the with_icu flag, and how it could be set to anything other than
'yes' or 'no'.

I attempted to move our special compiler defines out of individual
Makefile.am files throughout the tree and into the top level
configure.ac file so we would have consistent defines across all our lib
and our utilities.  I see I've botched moving the _ICUSWORD_ define up.

How's this?  I just committed code which adds a --with-icusword option
to configure.  This advertises the feature to developers and replaces
the previous behavior of defining _ICUSWORD_

I'd still like for someone to review src/filters/Makefile.am and look

Does this work for everyone?

Thanks for the alert Matthew.


Matthew Talbert wrote:
> Also, I noticed that you changed the configuration to always use
> HAVE_ICUSWORD if ICU is present. While this is desirable on Windows,
> it will mean scrapping all the custom transliterators in sword/icu.
> Basically if _ICUSWORD_ is defined, it is assumed all transliterators
> will be loaded directly from the ICU shared lib. If it is not defined,
> then it loads these custom transliterators on the fly. For whatever
> reason, loading the custom transliterators does not work on Windows
> (at least I have been unable to make it work), so I always want
> _ICUSWORD_ defined. Then I do use SWORD'S copy of ICU, at least the
> data binary that Chris builds, so I get all of his custom
> transliterators. Technically these should be the same transliterators
> as are available in sword/icu, but I believe the ones there have not
> been updated in some time.
> The desired result is that we want _ICUSWORD_ defined if we're
> actually using SWORD's copy of ICU, but not with the unaltered ICU
> found in most linux distros. I believe the way it is now is that
> ICUSWORD will always be defined.
> I think this is all correct, but I'll admit to still not understanding
> what all is going on with this. Last time I asked, no one else did
> either, so I hope this helps out somewhat.
> Matthew
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