[sword-devel] Font problem in conf file

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Wed Dec 2 03:24:53 MST 2009

I've played around with this for a fair while, and it seems to me that it is
an encoding problem.  I see that the NetBible has the same issue also in the
About text in BibleCS but not in Xiphos.

I've used some conversion programs to UTF-8, in case the encoding was not
correct, but it made no difference.  In the end, I copied and modified
(using Notepad++) another ANSI (as listed in Notepad++) conf file, typing
the text in again in that file, and it worked.  

However, if I make the file format ANSI (as listed in Notepad++) like the
other conf files, the diacritics display properly in BibleCS.  However, they
do not display properly in Xiphos.  If the file is in UFT-8 (no BOM), it
displays well in Xiphos but not in BibleCS.  This affects not only the
module description, but all the 'About' text as well.  

Also, the latest download (nightly today) of BibleDesktop will not see the
module (i.e. list it as a Bible module to view) if the conf file is in UTF-8
format.  Using an ANSI file allows BibleDesktop to see and display the
module properly.  

It seems that the conf file text must be limited to the basic ASCII
character set, and saved in ANSI format.  Is this correct?  Or, I could be
making a silly mistake on the encoding (files attached for comparison).

Help much appreciated.

John Duffy

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> Any suggestions?
> John Duffy
> > I've put text into a conf file, but it does not display 
> > diacritics properly
> > in the ABOUT info.  When viewed in Sword which shows "An 
> > Bíobla Naofa" or
> > "Pádraig Ó Fiannachta", although it is OK in Xiphos which 
> shows "An
> > Bí­obla Naofa" and "Pádraig Ó Fiannachta".  Should I leave 
> > the conf file
> > as-is since it is OK in Xiphos?
> > 
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> > John Duffy
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