[sword-devel] representation of catchWord in osishtmlref filter

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Aug 29 13:25:47 MST 2009

The idea of catchWord is that it quotes again the referenced word and
then is followed e.g. by a better explanation or, commonly by
alternative translations.

Problem is that the osishtmlref filter will render both catchword and
the alternative translations (rdg) as italic, losing in the process any
distinction in presentation.

My suggestion is that catchword is either underlined or bolded.

This is the relevant code:

// <catchWord> & <rdg> tags (italicize)
                else if (!strcmp(tag.getName(), "rdg") ||
!strcmp(tag.getName(), "catchWord")) {
                        if ((!tag.isEndTag()) && (!tag.isEmpty())) {
                                outText("<i>", buf, u);
                        else if (tag.isEndTag()) {
                                outText("</i>", buf, u);

Any thoughts?


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