[sword-devel] Bible-Discovery - non-free program using SWORD modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Aug 27 13:27:18 MST 2009

David Haslam wrote:
> Has anyone seen this site before?
> Bible-Discovery 
> Bible concordance software for Windows, Linux and MacOs
> They are charging 49 USD for the software and 29 USD for two of the
> reference modules.
> Gaspar Karoli's and Nave's.
> I saw no reference to availability of source code. Isn't this in breach of
> the GPLv2 license?
> The website and the program are developed by Miklos Zsido in Hungary.

I see no cause to believe that this software is based on (J)Sword.

He has taken some of our content. From what I can tell, it's all public 
domain content. He also shows us the courtesy of linking back to 
CrossWire and giving us credit as the source of his content. That's more 
than I can say for the content we produced that inexplicably (without 
permission, notice, or credit given) has found its way into e-Sword.


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