[sword-devel] Problem in Chinese SWORD module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Aug 26 08:31:46 MST 2009

I'll take care of it. The source docs don't exhibit this problem (and 
have since been updated as well).

It looks like this probably comes down to a bad traditional to 
simplified conversion, since the text exhibits no problems in the 
traditional version (which is the basis for the simplified).

If anyone has a good method of converting from traditional Chinese to 
simplified, I would appreciate suggestions. (No web converters please. I 
need something that can take a 3 meg or so file.) I'm loathe to try 
loading the Big5 text in Word or such and saving it again as GB, but if 
anyone knows that to be a reasonable route, I can.


DM Smith wrote:
> We have two independent reports of a global problem with the simplified 
> Chinese module, ChiUns.
> Can someone volunteer to see how bad the problem is? And if it can be 
> readily fixed?
> Here are the reports:
> hello,
> There is a serious mistake in the Chinese Bible text the ChiUns module.
> Every "has" is "hasn't" and every "is" is "isn't".
> for example Genesis chapter 1 verse 3
> 神 说 : 要 冇 光 , 就 冇 了 光 。
> It means "God said, Let there isn't light: and there wasn't light.
> The "冇(is not)" should be "有(is)".
> I hope you can correct it.
> God bless
> Also:
> Hi there,
> --Sorry,my english is not very well.--
> in Bible Texts- *ChiUns(* Chinese Union Version Simplified )( Language: zh download here:http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModDisp.jsp?modType=Bibles)
> Script:all chinese word:*有*(means have),has been displayed:*冇*(means none,doesn't have).
> thank you for your attention .
> Emmanuel !
> In Christ's Service,
>     DM Smith
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