[sword-devel] Indian language Bible modules now available

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 00:13:44 MST 2009


I was pretty happy to hear this and wanted to try these modules 

However, to download these modules, you need to be a registered user of 
the site - I did register. The verification email never arrived though, 
so I could never login. I then tried "forgot password" just to make sure 
I didn't goof up my email address. My password did arrive (in plaintext) 
but it arrived this morning! The sending date on the email was 23rd 
(when I made the request) but it only arrived today, the 26th. So I know 
my email address was specified correctly but there is still no sign of 
the verification email - I checked my spam box too.

Could you send this on to Solomon; since you are in touch with him, I'm 
sure this will be the fastest channel. Personally, it would be nice if 
you could download modules without registering at all, but that's not a 
bid deal.

In Him,

On 22/08/09 10:48 PM, David Haslam wrote:
> Word Of God team (India)
> http://wordofgod.in/Downloads/FreeBibleSoftwares/SwordBibleSoftware.aspx
> SwordBible software  – The following modules have been made available by the
> Word of God team in India, under the leadership of Yesudas Solomon.
>      * Tamil Bible
>      * Hindi Bible
>      * Hmar Bible
>      * Kannada (KJV) Bible
>      * Telugu Bible
> Registration and login is required to download these modules. Other
> languages expected to follow.
> Currently the Hindi Bible links to the wrong web-page, but I have reported
> this to brother Yesudas.
> -- David

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