[sword-devel] Devanagari text displays different in SWORD than in the source IMP file

Tim Chase tchase at maf.org
Tue Aug 25 08:49:20 MST 2009



I’m creating a bible module using the .sfm paratext files from the Nepal Bible Society.  Just as info I’m using the SFMToOSIS.py for conversion to OSIS and then using OSIS2MOD to create my module files.   When showing the example SWORD module to the Bible Society they noticed that the devanagari half characters were not showing correctly.  

I have done some testing and have found that the text is fine going from the sfm to osis and also into a raw module.  When the text is displayed in the bible text panel of the windows SWORD program the text is displayed incorrectly.  In SWORD I have set the font for the module to Arial Unicode MS, and all input files are UTF-8.

Attached is a small sample imp formatted file which can be used to make a rawtext module using imp2vs.  Also attached are images of what the text should look like and the incorrectly displayed text from SWORD. 


I looked at the text in the raw module with three different editors with the following results using UTF-8 format:


Jedit = incorrectly displayed

Notepad = correctly displayed

Notepad++ = correctly displayed   


So the problem appears to be in how the SWORD for windows program handles devanagari Unicode script.


Hopefully I’ve made it simple enough to be able to troubleshoot this with devanagari text :-)


Thanks for the help


Tim Chase

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