[sword-devel] using encryption with current osis2mod (r2435 works for me)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Aug 25 06:29:52 MST 2009

Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> Ther appears to be a bug with the current osis2mod - using the
>> encryption option nothing appears to happen. The results are identical
>> with or without key
>> I tried revision 2400 and current svn head
> It is always a helpful to specify the "steps to reproduce" when
> reporting or confirming bugs, so that others can duplicate the issue, or
> point out any possible concerns with the process you followed.

As there are not really any steps I would have considered this
unnecessary. osismod with the -c parametre encrypts.

Anyway, the way I checked encryption or lack of it was looking at the
hex dump in the normal and the "encrypted" module files at various
places and confirming that the hex codes are identical in content and
sequence. I did it this way as I felt this was the best way to rule out
double errors.


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