[sword-devel] RSV/NRSV: Nope.

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Aug 22 16:38:54 MST 2009

On 15 July, someone posted some info to sword-support about asking for
use of RSV/NRSV.  So I put together a rather careful, formal, gracious
note, answering all their questions and seeking to have RSV/NRSV made
available to be turned into modules.

About half an hour ago, I finally got a response.  The important part:

> We appreciate your interest in making the RSV/NRSV available as modules for 
> the Sword Project.  However, at this time, we do not authorize any open  
> source uses of the RSV/NRSV.  God's blessings on your ministry.

I have to say that I am sick to death of the bias against quality
software that just happens not to be controlled by either some large
corporation or some small-minded individual.

Anyhow, I followed up with a couple paragraphs of further inquiry as to
the source of the policy, explaining a few obvious sample uses of open
source software that everybody in the world uses, and asking for the
opportunity to discuss the matter with those in charge of the policy.

If folks were to pray for a change of heart with these folks, it
wouldn't hurt.  Otherwise, I don't have even a little hope for success.

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