[sword-devel] Need some help before starting new OSIS file

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Thu Aug 20 12:02:31 MST 2009

I mentioned some months ago about wanting to convert the Bible in Irish into
a Sword module.  It became clear then that to do so, I need to produce an
OSIS file.  I'm now able to work on it again, and have some questions that I
would appreciate some help on.  
I'm not trying to produce the most enhanced version of an OSIS file at this
stage, but I simply want to convert the existing vpl format file into OSIS
as a starter.  The results will be basic, but usable, I trust.  I'm a newbie
to Sword also, so some questions may seem rather basic, but please bear with
1    Can I use alternative quotation marks (“ for " and so on) to
globally replace single and double quotations, instead of having to go
through the whole text and use the 'q level'?  The use of single and double
quotations has already been differentiated by the publisher for nested
2    I have two file versions - one file with line breaks (using rtf code)
and headings (marked up as bold using rtf code) within verses, while the
other file has neither and is the most basic vpl.  I would like to use the
version with line breaks and headings.  The headings seem relatively easy to
implement in OSIS using title.  Is it OK to use type="main" for a book
title, type="chapter" for the start of chapters, and type="sub" for passage
headings within a chapter?
3    Can I implement line breaks using lb within a verse?  (They are not
grouped so lg seems like a lot of work to get the same result.)
4    Just for clarity, I gather that I should be using milestones for
chapter and verses - is that correct?
5    Since I don't have paragraphs marked and therefore won't be using
paragraphs in OSIS, I presume that each verse will automatically start on a
new line when displayed - is this correct?
6    For the very occasional places where italics are found in the original,
if I use the <hi type="italic"> element will that be interpreted correctly
by osis2mod?  (I'm currently marking them up using rtf code.)  There is no
uniform reason for their use so other more specific markups are not
practical at this time.
7    This is a 73 book canon.  Is there a definition or specification for
the KJVA or Vulgate v11n available with the number of verses in each chapter
and chapters per book?
I appreciate all your help at this stage.
John Duffy
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