[sword-devel] Thayer's and BDB lexicons

Teus Benschop teusjannette at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 10:33:01 MST 2009

Thanks, Ben, for the pointer to the thread where this was discussed. If
one would like to have this lexicon in electronic format, he would have
to do a lot of manual work scanning and proofreading the material. It
looks a bit daunting, but otherwise it would be worth the effort to do
the job then release it under a free license so that the matter will be
available to all. Teus.

On Mon, 2009-08-17 at 20:58 +1000, Ben Morgan wrote:
> Read http://crosswire.org/forums/mvnforum/viewthread_thread,560#1709
> Basically, what was supposed to be Thayer's were from modified
> versions from Online Bible, and thus not in the public domain.

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