[sword-devel] Alternative versification rsb(rst)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Aug 14 13:28:55 MST 2009

David Haslam wrote:
> Anyone....
> When is OSIS 2.5 likely to be announced by the Bible Technologies Group?
> -- David

There is no OSIS 2.5, as yet. No work is being done on OSIS 2.5 by the 
TC, at the moment.

Troy once released a modified 2.1.1 schema and labeled it 2.5. That is 
the source of this persistent and rather pernicious idea that there 
is/will soon be a 2.5.

> Bugzilla from kalemas at mail.ru wrote:
>> I 'm going to make alternative versification for Russian Synodal Bible.
>> I'm also prepearing now Synodal Text for new osis 2.5 format and comparing
>> it with the source from bibles.uk.org.
>> This text also has information about text fragments, that absent in
>> Hebrews Old testament, but added in Greek, but I do not know how to mark
>> them.

We should have a new versification system for the Russian versification 
standard available in the next week or so. (I had meant to add it 6 
weeks ago, but couldn't finish it before starting summer school, which 
has claimed all of my free time since then.)

I can't tell you how to mark Old Testament fragments absent from the 
Hebrew but present in the Greek without seeing an example of how they 
are marked in the source document or how they are shown in printed text. 
It sounds like you should probably just use <note>.


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