[sword-devel] OSIS bold tag handling problem

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Aug 11 17:30:31 MST 2009

We got a report that a module under development using <hi type="bold">
was displaying in Xiphos using italics instead.  But it's OK in
BibleDesktop and BibleTime.

I found this in src/modules/filters/osishtmlhref.cpp:

                else if (!strcmp(tag.getName(), "hi")) {
                        SWBuf type = tag.getAttribute("type");
                        if ((!tag.isEndTag()) && (!tag.isEmpty())) {
                                if (type == "b" || type == "x-b") {
                                        outText("<b>", buf, u);
                                        u->inBold = true;
                                else {  // all other types
                                        outText("<i>", buf, u);
                                        u->inBold = false;

So nothing but "b" and "x-b" is accepted; everything else falls into the
italics case.  Another person says this is a bug, that the set of <hi>
type variants is
  acrostic  bold        emphasis  illuminated  italic      line-through
  normal    small-caps  sub       super        underline

So, two questions:

- Is it true that the code is bugged?
- If so, and we fix the code, how many existing modules that currently
  use "b" and "x-b" will be broken, and/or is it reasonable to leave
  "b" and "x-b" as acceptable alternate use cases?

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