[sword-devel] Branching subversion and logging (technical questions!)

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Sun Aug 2 11:57:26 MST 2009

Hi, and thanks for the replies

We will be needing various databases for STEP. Eg the History module will
need a database with fields such as Date, span, Person/Event name, Scripture
refs, notes, flags for accuracy of dating, type of person/event etc. The
Geography module  database will need fields such as Places, co-ordinates,
notes etc. The Languages module will include a database of Greek texts, with
bibliography of Greek and English eds, parameters for the limits of
references, number of levels used for divisions (eg books/chaps/verses), the
total number of chapters etc.  In other words, we'll need something fairly
It sounds like the database in Sword/JSword is fairly constrained in the
formats of data it is ready for - that is, the database is designed for
containing large texts and for searching them quickly, which is very useful.
But it may not be suitable for providing all the fields we need, such as
dates and co-ordinates.

Part of the programme also, is to integrate the biblical texts with Google
Maps/Google Earth, Perseus, and other online sources of information. So We'd
probably be looking at using Sword/JSword for displaying the biblical text.
I think at the moment, we're leaning on building on JSword but geared
towards an embedable and distributable web application to ensure
cross-platform compatibility. We are also contemplating building upon
BibleDesktop, but we're unsure as to whether we want to develop two streams
of UI development (although we're considering ways to limit the development
of these 2 UIs to a minimum).

2009/8/2 jonathon <jonathon.blake at gmail.com>

> On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 06:26, Chris Burrell wrote:
> >but given we want to tie resources to their bible passages (for eg.
> looking up geographical and historical information linked to a passage that
> the user is currently viewing),
> Depending upon precisely what means, it could require nothing more
> than a small (less than twenty line) patch to the Sword API,  or it
> could be as major as rewritng the entire code base, to add the ability
> to view audio, graphics, video, etc from within the program, without
> using any other tools.
> >the STEP (sorry that's the name of the project - Scripture Tools for Every
> Pastor)
> One potential issue with that name, is that it can be easily confused
> with the Bible Software file format.
> jonathon
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