[sword-devel] osis2mod output (Bisaya-Inunhan NT)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Wed Apr 29 15:22:28 MST 2009

Maurits Obbink wrote:

> This 'extra' verse (number) is standard in Dutch (checked 3
> translations) and almost standard in German (did also check three --> 2
> out of 3). As far as I know they are al based on Luther's versification
> scheme (for the new testament quite similar to KJV) roughly 10 deviations.

Thanks.  So it sounds like the intended versification for the NT I am 
working with is probably "Luther".  If that is a versification system 
which is about to be included into SWORD 1.6.0RC3, then maybe I get to 
check how well that "new" alternate versification works, rather soon?

> On a seperate note I can make a diff of versification changes between
> KJV and Dutch Staten vertaling 1637. (versification basis of all dutch
> translations till NBV 2007?

If it is easy, sure, go for it!  If the versification system of "Dutch 
Staten vertaling 1637" is 100% the same as the versification system 
often called "Luther", then I suspect someone (Chris, maybe) on the 
SWORD development team already has that info; it's just not included in 
the SWORD library itself (yet).

Stepping back a bit: It sounds like I accidentally ran into the whole 
"alternate versification" issue just by trying to use osis2mod on a 
reasonably "normal looking" translation of the NT.  Even though this is 
"minor", it is mildy confusing.   If my experience is a guide to what 
other module developers (who have perhaps not been hanging out on this 
list!) will run into, then IMO they may need better documentation on 
what to expect and how to deal with this kind of thing, included with 
SWORD, so they do not "get stuck" or generate potentially large numbers 
of support requests?

I didn't intend my attempt to use the SWORD module development tools to 
generate this kind of issue (I expected to find a bug or two in 
osis2mod, maybe); the fact that I've run into this perhaps means that 
some further thinking and work is needed now, to make things easier on 
other ("real"?) module developers who are transitioning from the older 
SWORD 1.5.x tools to SWORD 1.6.x ?


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