[sword-devel] osis2mod output (Bisaya-Inunhan NT)

Maurits Obbink list at obbink.org
Wed Apr 29 13:34:02 MST 2009

On 4/29/09 10:04 PM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Jonathan Marsden wrote:
>> No, there really *is* a 3John 1:15 in the source Word document.  Looks
>> like it splits what KJV and NIV consider 3 John 14 into two verses, at
>> the sentence break.  Could this be a translator error??  If not, what
>> versification schemes do have that verse, but are otherwise compatible
>> with KJV versification?
> Not an error but simply the opinion of the translator I would presume.
> We talk about versification schemes as if this is something cast in
> stone but really there are families of schemes and endless variations
> between.
> Peter

This 'extra' verse (number) is standard in Dutch (checked 3
translations) and almost standard in German (did also check three --> 2
out of 3). As far as I know they are al based on Luther's versification
scheme (for the new testament quite similar to KJV) roughly 10 deviations.

On a seperate note I can make a diff of versification changes between
KJV and Dutch Staten vertaling 1637. (versification basis of all dutch
translations till NBV 2007?

Kind Regards,

Maurits Obbink.

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