[sword-devel] testsuite windows patch

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 29 00:18:42 MST 2009

Thanks for finding this Matthew.  I usually use -Bb to ignore whitespace 
in diffs.  I think we can safely ignore all whitespace from our test 
outputs.  This should make things work on windows and macs.  I've 
committed the change.  Let me know if things work ok for you.


PS.  Thanks for your other patches.  I believe they (or things close) 
have been committed.  Let me know if we're ok or if I've messed other 
things up for you.

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> This is a patch to fix the testsuite on Windows (MSYS). The tests
> output files that have Windows line endings, while the ones they are
> comparing to have Unix line endings. The --strip-trailing-cr causes
> diff to ignore that. On *nix, it does nothing (is harmless). I suspect
> it is harmless on Mac as well, but can't be sure about that.
> With this patch all of the tests pass on Windows, except for
> verseparsing-utf8, because I'm not building with ICU.
> Matthew
> Index: runtest.sh
> ===================================================================
> --- runtest.sh  (revision 2353)
> +++ runtest.sh  (working copy)
> @@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
>  fi
>  ./$1.sh > $1.try
> -BAD=`diff -u $1.try $1.good`
> +BAD=`diff -u --strip-trailing-cr $1.try $1.good`
>  if [ "$BAD" = "" ]; then
>         if [ "$2" = "-q" ]; then
>                 exit 0
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