[sword-devel] Mac SVN build

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 12:42:24 MST 2009

SVN still fails to build on Mac because icutest.cpp needs #include
<sys/malloc.h> instead of #include <malloc.h> (or it needs the proper
sys/ folder in its includes).  The --diable-tests bypasses, but it
should be fixed before RC3 and definitely before final.

Secondly, I tried to install the LXXM (labeled as an English Bible?)
and the DRCgb and I also have the KJVgb modules installed.  In
BibleTime they all behave the same - they get a lot of the text right
but there are some verses that are clearly in the wrong place (Genesis
1:1 contains the text of Genesis 2:1 duplicated twice, but Genesis 1:1
is nowhere to be seen - though they behave properly in diatheke).
However, all 3 of them appear to be GenBook Bibles.  What is our
official testing module for the alternately versed Bibles?  Is the KJV
in the repository using av11n?  It seems that SWORD SVN HEAD on Mac
with BibleTime is doing well - I'd just like to be sure that we have
the av11n working before I release a copy for beta testing.


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