[sword-devel] Osis2mod change

DM Smith dmsmith at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 28 09:54:47 MST 2009

Everyone, but especially module developers.

I have just checked in (svn revision 2358) a significant change to 
osis2mod. The API is the same, but it generates modules that require 1.6.

Here are the changes: (I mentioned them as an aside in an email 
yesterday. Here I'll go into more depth on some.)
[ Note: by verse osis2mod means an indexable unit of module text. ]
1) All tags are retained in the module. (Note: the OSIS header is not kept.)
2) Inter-verse tags are not re-ordered.
    This is a big boon to module writers as the module's whitespace is 
as they define it.
3) Inter-verse material is handled in a well-defined predictable manner:
    a) Everything from the book element up to the first chapter element 
goes into the book introduction.
       This is what the old code attempted to do.
    b) Starting with the chapter element, everything is put into the 
chapter introduction,
        until one of the following conditions is met:
          i) A section div is found.
          ii) A title that does not have a type of "main" or "chapter".
       Once that is found, it is marked "pre-verse" (see below) and 
attached to the following verse.
       Note: we may need to tune this. I think it fits with the OSIS 
texts I have seen. Feedback welcomed.
    c) Between verses, the first start or empty tag defines the boundary 
between the two verses.
       This does not include empty, milestoned end tags of the form 
<tagname eID="xxx"/>.
4) Inter-verse material that is deemed to be pre-verse will be marked up 
in the following fashion:
    <div type="x-milestone" subType="x-preverse" sID="pvXXX"/>
        .... All the elements that are deemed to be preverse ...
    <div type="x-milestone" subType="x-preverse" eID="pvXXX"/>
    Where XXX is a number that follows the sID/eID rules.
5) The code handling the preverse material is significantly simpler and 
is now commented well.

In doing this code, I realized that osis2mod does not handle module 
introductions or testament introductions. Perhaps we should add it someday.

I'd appreciate people trying it out and giving feedback. For linux and 
mac, you'll have to compile it from SVN.
Maybe Chris will make a Windows version?

I hope to redo the KJV and ESV modules using it. When/if I do, I'll put 
them in beta.

In Christ,

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