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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 28 07:32:41 MST 2009

Hi Greg .......

Greg Hellings wrote:
> My thought was to tackle that at the same time I took on commentaries.
>  Since I believe commentaries are, more or less, just Bibles with
> large amounts of linked material.  

In commentaries, the variable setSkipConsecutiveLinks is set to true by 
default.  In bibles, it is set to false.  Something like: 
imodule.setSkipConsecutiveLinks(true); (imodule is a SWModule) is needed 
to make imodule++ return the next actual block of text.  This seems to 
be the main difference that the engine shows in reading them.

This ought to be documented somewhere - some of us spent quite a lot of 
time recently re-discovering it for use in Xiphos!

God bless,

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