[sword-devel] Release-critical TODO items (updated mod2osis patch)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 27 18:27:18 MST 2009

Greg Hellings wrote:
>> Longer term, this need for strange transformations looks to me like a
>> problem that stems from an inadequate or incomplete underlying book
>> representation in SWORD itself?  That may be something for SWORD 2.x, not
>> 1.6 :)
> I'm an advocate of this - but there is strong feeling among some
> developers that we never want to break backwards compatibility with
> installed modules.  Thus, the push to allow for, e.g., interverse
> content in the actual module (and also OSIS header information, etc)
> may never be realized.

It's not a simple problem.

When we say 'verse entry', we don't actually mean the 'canonical 
Biblical text'.

What we mean is the viewport of the module when a certain verse is 

When someone requests the last verse of a book which contains a 
colophon, the content of that viewport will include the colophon.

We further have the concept of 'preverse' text, which is content in the 
viewport before the actual VERSE NUMBER, and this is traditionally where 
most 'interverse' material goes.  We probably should have the concept of 
postverse text if we want to handle the colophon concept, but actually, 
I don't really see the need.  These colophon are actually canonical 
translated Biblical text, I believe (am I right?), and are actually part 
of the verse.  I'm not sure they are actually 'postverse'.  Maybe they 
need a paragraph break.

Anyway, I haven't looked at the colophon issue in a while and I might 
have it all wrong.  But the description of what constitutes a 'verse' in 
SWORD is correct.


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