[sword-devel] Bisaya-Inunhan New Testament (Philippines)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Apr 27 09:02:59 MST 2009

David Haslam wrote:

> The translator has supplied me with up-to-date copies of his Bisaya-Inunhan
> translation of the NT in MS Word format.
> Who would like to volunteer and help make a SWORD module?

Hmmm!  I lived in the Philippines for 8 years as a missionary, married
there, and both my kids were born there... my wife speaks some Bisayan,
although not that exact dialect.

This sounds like a good way to test out the module development tools in
RC2 / RC3 :)

So I'll help.  Can you email me (or make available on a
password-protected web site, or whatever) the original text; I'm no
Bible translator (although SIL wanted me to become one, years ago!), but
with your help I can probably get this done.  I'm very Unix/Linux
fluent, so sed scripting doesn't scare me :)


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