[sword-devel] Release-critical TODO items (mod2osis)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 26 21:57:50 MST 2009

Greg Hellings wrote:

>> 1) osis2mod link bug (DM)
>> 2) mod2osis does not generate valid OSIS output

> This has never been a priority or even a concern in the past.
> Personally I think that it should be made one.  ...

It's not my call, obviously, but I would hope so too.  The mod2osis
usage output says that is is:

  mod2osis - a tool to output a Sword module in OSIS format

If that is what it says it is, then IMO that is what it should do :)

If we want to ease the life of module developers, ensuring the utilities
intended for their use work as advertised surely has to be a part of
that.  Providing a pretty GUI overlay for them is secondary to having
tools that actually work :)


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