[sword-devel] lemma search (was sword-1.6.0RC1 available)

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Apr 26 13:29:35 MST 2009

IIRC the problem with the search as it was were that if a search for a
strong G101 was made you either ended up with all correct results plus
those for G1014, G1015 etc or - because of the double strongs of words
with definite article you got only portion - dependent on wether a
search flag was set or not.

Troy's patch resolves this.

But would not be a simpler solultion to re-issue the KJV2006 etc with
adapted strongs - make G101 G0101 - i.e let all strongs be of equal
length - as a result you would never get the problem of getting more
than you asked for and yet the faster search logic could be used.


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