[sword-devel] Library Doxygen documentation

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 26 00:17:36 MST 2009

Greg Hellings wrote:

> On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 10:55 PM, Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> A quick s/GnomeSword/Xiphos/ is probably called for :)

>> That would have to be changed in the SWORD source directly.  All of
>> that text comes from there.

OK... line 47 of include/swmgr.h

Can someone with SWORD commit privs make that trivial edit, please?
Since it is a small edit to a comment, it would be hard to argue that it
is too risky to make the change so close to the 1.6 release :)

>> I can certainly provide you the Doxyfile - it's on the server. License
>> I don't care about - I'd like for the file to become part of the SWORD
>> regular distribution, where it would be covered by the GPL or
>> whatever.

OK.  However, *I* need to care about the licence, if I want to add it to
a package, either as part of SWORD (if/when it gets accepted into the
tree), or earlier, if I just add it as part of the packaging process
myself, which is what I'm thinking of doing for the moment :)

We're deep into Release Candidates for 1.6.0, so in terms of getting
into the SWORD tree, perhaps this (and associated Makefile.am stuff to
make use of it) could go into 1.6.1, since it's not a vitally necessary

> P.S. You can find it at http://www.crosswire.org/~ghellings/Doxyfile

Got it, thanks!  You're apparently using an earlier version of doxygen
than I am, and one config item in there is now obsolete, but doxygen -u
fixed that for me.  Also, I had to set SHORT_NAMES = YES to work around
a known issue when using dot under doxygen.

Other than that, and about 50 warnings (which I'll take a quick look at,
but probably not tonight), it works for me.


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