[sword-devel] Irish Bible issues

johnduffy at cgcf.net johnduffy at cgcf.net
Sat Apr 25 04:49:37 MST 2009

I'd like to thank everyone who has responded to my post, either on the
mailing list of personally.  It has been of great help.

It is clear that I'll need to produce an OSIS file, for Crosswire to be able
to publish/convert to Sword etc. files for public distribution.  In that
case, I'll start by making an OSIS equivalent of the existing VPL file, and
later on focus on getting a fully-formatted OSIS file with alternate
versification, possibly from scratch.  

I'll have a look at some of the previous mail to see whether I should use
milestones or containers for OSIS, as I see that there was some discussion
on that recently.  

It seems that I have to use osis2mod to convert an OSIS file into a module,
in order to be able to see what the OSIS file looks like.  It would be handy
to be able to view the OSIS file straight, without this process.  Any
suggestions on whether this is possible in XML?  

David Haslam is also working on producing a GoBible version too, which is

I have a copyright text which is similar to that found on NIV Bibles, such
as limiting the number of verses which can be quoted before requiring the
publisher's permission.  It also states that the module (in another program
format) can be freely distributed.  It seems that the general license that
the Sword files are distributed under covers the distribution.  But I wonder
how the limitation on quoting should be included.  Is the GPL compatible
with adding additional limitations on quoting from the text? Any thoughts on
what the best way of handing this is?

Thanks again,
John Duffy

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