[sword-devel] Notice in licence agreement

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Thu Apr 23 23:48:54 MST 2009

Quoting DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org>:

> I like your suggestion. Give that CC are legal licenses, it appears
> that this summary is complete, perhaps drafted by lawyers :0

The problem with it is that it's too long. I don't want to give a  
legally correct statement, only a short and easily understandable  
statement which every user would find easy to read and understand. The  
point is to tell shortly what they can do: obtain and use it freely  
for almost any purpose. AND that distributing is allowed within  
certain limits. My clause about distributing is too limited as was  
pointed out. However, it's not legally binding and it still tells  
people that they can distribute.

The real problem with ANY licence is that people don't read them.  
Therefore I want to give something easy and short, maybe in bold font,  
so that even some users would understand what the licence is about.

Anyways, even if we forget the exact wording, the other point was even  
more important. Would the frontend developers like to use this kind of  
statement, crafted carefully, in all frontends? We don't know yet how  
our apps will be received in a long run in the Windows world. Probably  
they will be taken by the evil people and sold for big money without  
source code. If this kind of statement is in the Windows installer it  
would spread the knowledge amongst users.

And don't forget my original question which wasn't actually about the  
current statement which already exists in the BibleTime About dialog,  
but about this warning:

"Would it be good idea to put a notice with licence agreement in each  
frontend which says that "this software can be obtained with no cost,  
if you have paid a large sum you may have been fooled"?"

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