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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 22:15:58 MST 2009


On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 10:50 PM, DM Smith <dmsmith at crosswire.org> wrote:
> Greg,
> This is close, but I think a few changes are needed to satisify Mac users:
> 1)The name should consistently be BibleTime, In the title bar it is
> bibletime (all lower case). (This shoule be easily fixed.)

I don't have write access into the BibleTime repository to make a
change to the source like that - I'll either submit a patch after
someone commits my current CMake patches or ask them for commit

> 2) There should be an application icon. (This should be easily fixed.
> However, Macs expect a collection of icons having 512x512 definition and
> will fill in smaller ones if not supplied. Also, will scale smaller ones,
> with less than satisfying results.)

There is a way of setting that with CPack and I thought I had.  If you
look, the disk image, while mounted, has the BibleTime icon.  I'll try
to get the icon to display in the app bundle next time.  It shouldn't
be terribly difficult, the setting is straightforward.  I think I just
set it to the improper location.

> 3) It does not find any of the modules that either MacSword or BibleDesktop
> install. These both install to ~/Library/Application Source/Sword. (This is
> a biggie!!!)

I noticed there were no works displayed on your application screen
shot and wasn't sure if you just didn't have them installed or if they
were not being detected.  I would assume, since they're not being
picked up, that it indicates this is not part of the SWORD search path
by default and we'd have to manually add it.  That can be done, but
under the same issues as my comments to (1).  I'll wait until I can
make commits or my previous patches are worked in.

> 4) IMHO, the layout does not at all look like a Mac application. It should
> have a Mac look and feel. Especially since the download is 38M. That is
> pretty big for a the Bible programs available on the Mac. Some of it has a
> Mac look and feel (e.g. tabs) but much of it doesn't (the same can probably
> be said of BibleDesktop). (Acceptance by Mac users will determine whether
> this is a big deal.)

Yeah... I've thought that myself.  It's very much a Linux/Windows app,
and without labels accompanying the images on the icon bar, it can be
even more counter intuitive.  And rearranging the entire app to be
more Mac-like is probably not what the rest of the BibleTime team has
in mind. ;)

> 5) There shouldn't be both a Preferences menu selection and a Settings menu.
> The Settings menu should go away. The Mac user won't expect that.

I'll take a look at how those could be combined also, if I get SVN
access.  Thanks for noticing that.

> 6) Sword should be SWORD. This is not a Mac Issue. I forget where I saw
> this, but I think it was on a tab.

If you see it again, let me know.  I'll keep my eyes open, also.  A
simple grep through the source tree will probably reveal it (and maybe
a few such issues).

> I did not look into the app to see what worked and what did not. I'm not
> familiar with BT and at first glance it was not obvious how to use it. I
> couldn't figure out how to select a passage from an installed Bible. If it
> were obvious/intuitive, I would have poked around a bit. I think a Mac user
> expects that the application will help them in the most simplest manner to
> install a Bible and to use it. Simplicity of first use is a rule on the Mac.
> Depth is generally hidden for those that want it and dig for it.

BibleTime is not terribly intuitive, I will admit that.  But it's made
big strides since I first used it back in the 1.4 or so range.  It may
never be as intuitive as MacSword to a new Mac user, but in similar
vein, I find most Mac-native applications so simple that they're more
or less not intuitive.  This app may find a home among those who are
more comfortable with the complication of apps from the Windows and
Linux family and are looking for a Mac Bible software.  Of course,
plus all that self-promoting about being the best free Bible software
and so on... ;P

> (BTW, I'm a long time linux/solaris/unix user and windows user. Only
> recently have I been doing Mac development (3 years). So while I have been
> direct, don't take it hard. I wish you all the best!!! Manfred, please feel
> free to contradict me on my evaluation of Mac user expectations!)

I appreciate everything.  I'm not aware of anyone on the BibleTime
team besides myself who uses Mac very often, and I only use it as my
laptop for travel purposes mostly.  The more eyes and opinions I can
get, the better I can make the app before we make a true release of
it.  I'll try to get access to the SVN repository to make those
changes you suggested, especially the module search paths, ASAP.
Thanks for your help!


> In Him and blessings on your effort,
>        DM

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