[sword-devel] [bt-devel] Bibletime 2.0.alpha3 FTBFS with sword 1.6.0RC1 library

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Apr 17 18:44:06 MST 2009

Dear Eeli,

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> For several reason I just updated to, or actually installed from 
> scratch, Kubuntu Jauntu (soon to be released 9.04). Therefore I could 
> also install sword 1.6rc package. I have fixed the above mentioned 
> problem, though not committed it yet.

Did you see the other #ifdefs we have for av11n?  I believe we define 2 
things in the sword cmake file to let you know if you are using the 
newer version of the lib.  Maybe they should just be changed to 
something like SWORD_1_6 now that we've committed to a 1.6.x branch.

> I also added setUserDisclaimerConfirmed(true) because the install 
> manager didn't work without it.

Yes, I'm hoping you added the call after actually checking that the user 
has agreed to the disclaimer we suggest in #include<installmgr.h>.  This 
is very important to protect against persecuted users unwittingly 
revealing their use of Bible software to foes.

> Now I found out that the command line installmgr can download a master 
> repo list. Can someone tell me how to do it from BT, or do I have to 
> read the source again? Installmgr.h didn't give any answer.

Sorry :)  This was coded before your last chastisement so it's already 
covered by a grandfather clause.  I'll add comments, but basically, the 
logic is in the example installmgr commandline tool at:


search for syncConfig

> BTW, this is a great enhancement. I quite often delete my bt/sword 
> installations and adding a new repo has been very annoying.

Yeah, I'm excited about this feature, as well.  It is a very positive 
move for us to start supporting a large array of new repositories easily 
for our users.  We have had requests from publisher wishing to host 
their own sword repository and this will automatically give their 
material exposure to our diverse user base.  It has been a very good 
selling point when approaching new publishers, as well.  I am hoping the 
next revision of all of our frontends expose this feature.

The master list is just wrong.  I believe Karl and I were testing with 
the list that is currently out there.  When we release a final API which 
supports it, we will populate the master list with valid repos.

> Releasing a RC was also very good idea.

Thanks for the encouragement.  Hoping for a final cut very soon.
Thanks for going through the effort to learn the new features the hard 
way and putting in the extra hours to get things compiling.  Please let 
me know if I can help.


> --Eeli Kaikkonen
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