[sword-devel] sword svn

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Apr 13 14:14:10 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:

> I subscribe to sword-svn as an attempt to educate myself on the
> library, and, of course, to keep track of current changes. It would be
> a real help to me if the commit messages were longer and more
> informative. As I am very new to a lot of the engine stuff, it is hard
> to tell just by looking at the commits what problem they are
> attempting to solve.


I've not (yet?) subscribed to sword-svn, but I have grabbed the svn tree 
and looked through svn log to see what has been changing and why.  Like 
you, I found the commit messages somewhat cryptic.

Ideally, I think bugs and enhancements would appear and be described in 
a bug tracker, and then VCS commit msgs can include something like 
(Fixes: #12345) so that there is a pointer to more verbose info on the 
"why" of any given change.  While I'd love to see something like that 
for SWORD, I don't know if that approach is reasonable/feasible for the 
SWORD developers, and it is their code, not mine -- at this point I am 
very much just a "lurker" when it comes to that code :)


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