[sword-devel] key parse failure, -r2304

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 8 22:55:05 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> Xiphos missing strongs and morphology was my mistake. The rest still
> are issues (except I see that the 1p issue is fixed, thanks Chris).

The mapping of 1P to 1 Chronicles rather than 1 Peter was a feature, not 
a bug (although an undesired feature, obviously). It comes down to the 
addition of 1/2 Paralipomenon as recognized names for 1/2 Chronicles. 
This is a good thing, because 1/2 Paralipomenon is the name for 1/2 
Chronicles in the Vulgate and thus common in translations from the 
Vulgate and references using the Vulgate versification.

That said, obviously most instances of a person querying "1P" should 
point to 1 Peter rather than 1 Paralipomenon, so I added another set of 
abbreviations so that 1P and associated references point to the Peters 
rather than the Paralipomena.

It is possible that other such unexpected mappings are still present. 
These are now EXTREMELY easy to fix, so please don't be shy if you 
encounter such mappings--speak up. :)

I'll write up a brief explanation of our canon definition format at 
in case anyone feels like playing with this themselves.


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