[sword-devel] key parse failure, -r2304

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 13:20:11 MST 2009

With -r2304, Xiphos no longer displays footnotes, cross-refs, Strongs,

In addition to diatheke displaying the entire Bible for any reference,
its output looks like this:

diatheke -b KJV -o fmnx -k gen 5:3

Genesis 27:17: And she gave <HH٠٥٤١٤> (TH٨٧٩٩) the savoury meat
<HH٠٤٣٠٣> and the bread <HH٠٣٨٩٩>, which she had prepared <HH٠٦٢١٣>
(TH٨٨٠٤), into the hand <HH٠٣٠٢٧> of her son <HH٠١١٢١> Jacob
Genesis 27:18:
And he came <HH٠٩٣٥> (TH٨٧٩٩) unto his father <HH٠١>, and said
<HH٠٥٥٩> (TH٨٧٩٩), My father <HH٠١>: and he said <HH٠٥٥٩> (TH٨٧٩٩),
Here am I; who art thou, my son <HH٠١١٢١>?
Genesis 27:19: And Jacob <HH٠٣٢٩٠> said <HH٠٥٥٩> (TH٨٧٩٩) unto his
father <HH٠١>, I am Esau <HH٠٦٢١٥> thy firstborn <HH٠١٠٦٠>; I have
done <HH٠٦٢١٣> (TH٨٨٠٤) according as thou badest <HH٠١٦٩٦> (TH٨٧٦٥)
me: arise <HH٠٦٩٦٥> (TH٨٧٩٨), I pray thee, sit <HH٠٣٤٢٧> (TH٨٧٩٨) and
eat <HH٠٣٩٨> (TH٨٧٩٨) of my venison <HH٠٦٧١٨>, that thy soul <HH٠٥٣١٥>
may bless <HH٠١٢٨٨> (TH٨٧٦٢) me.

Also, 1p parses to 1 Chronicles rather than 1 Peter.


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