[sword-devel] Sword for BPBible 1.5.12

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 00:51:33 MST 2009

> Thanks for sounding off Matthew.  It's good to know at least this isn't
> broken for you.  Please let me know how we are doing.  I would really like
> to take care of any outstanding issues for your team before we release.

Well, there is the whole NTFS issue, but I'm certainly not expecting
anything in this release :)

Other than that, there is the issue that there doesn't seem to be a
way to accomplish both of the following simultaneously:

1. Search KJV for G140 only
2. Return all results where G140 is in a "paired lemma"

With the match whole entry flag, #1 is solved, but #2 is a problem.
Without the flag, #2 works (well, not really), but #1 is a problem.
Interestingly enough, we added the match whole entry flag specifically
on Troy's suggestion, because we had a bug filed against GnomeSword
that searching for G140 would also return G1401.

I personally just use the "lemma:G140" approach which is completely
accurate (as far as I can tell), and *much* faster. I keep being told
there are people who don't build indexes, however...

This isn't a huge deal to me, but if there is an easy fix, it would be
nice to have.


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