[sword-devel] Making Import Easier

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 6 19:35:57 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> As to why the current documentation isn't better, or why there aren't
> more modules in source format to look at,

It's because people don't step up and write the documentation.  I'd love 
to include the man pages from Jonathan Marsden in SVN.  Thanks Jonathan, 
for stepping up and trying to solve this area where we're lacking.

> it's essentially CrossWire
> policy to keep it so that average users can't create modules easily

This is inappropriate.

Matthew, many on the Xiphos, and BPBible teams,

Most of your team members have unsubscribed from sword-devel because of 
various reasons.  In general, I understand it is because you don't like 
the way things are done around here; you don't think things are done 
efficiently enough-- whatever.

You all really have just turned my love for this ministry into a burden 
the past 6 months.

I would appreciate it if you would just please either leave or stop 
instigating fights.

I'm tired of the private emails instead of to sword-devel, because you 
are making statements by unsubscribing.  The communication with other 
projects is just being hurt.  I've felt a real sense of hatred from your 
teams.  I've done everything possible to dissuade those feelings.  I'm 
sorry things aren't more efficient around here, but it's an open project 
and members of your teams have commit access to fix bugs.  I've called 
for volunteers to run stable branches (if a stable release is your 
latest complaint), and no one steps up.  This is open source volunteer 
work.  I'm sorry.  But I'd like to ask one last time.  Please be part of 
the community and fix things, and be encouraging and loving, and make 
this ministry enjoyable for everyone, or please just move on.


> (don't flame me for this; I could provide a whole host of links to
> support this claim, including where amateur module authors are told to
> "buzz off"; I suggest reading through past sword-devel archives; it's
> very enlightening)

> Matthew
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