[sword-devel] maps

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Sep 29 05:59:50 MST 2008

"Ben Morgan" <benpmorgan at gmail.com> writes:
> Some map links which look like they are Public Domain

I've just generated a new module SmithBibleAtlas from one of the links
near the top of the godweb.org reference.  I now have 8 map & atlas
modules in my repo (lexdict or genbook):
ABSMaps (ld)        EpiphanyMaps (gb)       HistMidEast (gb)
NETmaps (ld)        SmithBibleAtlas (gb)    SonLightFreeMaps (gb)
TextbookAtlas (gb)  eBibleTeacherMaps (gb)

Also, FarBibAtlas (gb), a Farsi/Persian atlas module.

Peter/refdoc gets credit for pointing me to most of these.

Plus two image collections, both gb:
DoreWoodcuts (art)   Lineage (genealogy)


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